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If you are the target of a federal investigation, then having an experienced federal crimes lawyer on your side is paramount. Federal agents and prosecutors work alongside to ensure their investigations lead to a conviction. A conviction in federal court can ruin your finances, family relationships, and your career. Consequently, you must protect yourself by securing an experienced Orange County federal criminal defense attorney to mount your defense.

Experienced Representation for High Stakes Federal & White Collar Crime Cases

Not all criminal defense lawyers are suitable to handle federal cases. Federal court has a different set of rules and procedures that are much different than California state court. Federal criminal defense attorney John Rogers provides exceptional representation to his clients charged with a variety of crimes in federal court. He is a state bar board-certified criminal law specialist who exclusively practices criminal defense.

You can ensure a comprehensive and aggressive approach to address the government's case. We have successfully represented clients charged with financial crimes, white-collar crimes, violent crimes, firearms, and drug crimes. We have saved our client's from receiving prison sentences and we have convinced prosecutors to close their case at the investigation stages. Our practice extends to a variety of federal charges including:

Many of our clients are professionals, first-time offenders, or law enforcement personnel making a conviction a career-ending consequence. We understand when the stakes are high because we typically represent clients faced with a “must-win” dilemma.

Early Intervention Is Paramount

Early retention of an experienced Orange County federal crimes attorney can reduce the risk of being charged. The early part of an investigation can be the most crucial stage that allows us to legally deflect the government's case against you. We can employ experts, question witnesses, and preserve favorable evidence before it gets lost or destroyed. Investigations by agencies such as the FBI, ATF, or DEA can last years before someone is charged. These investigations build momentum over time making your case much more time-sensitive. Give us a call to get your defense started and help protect your rights before an investigation leads to a point beyond control.

Top Orange County Federal Crimes Lawyer Serving All of California

Our Orange County federal criminal defense office in California is widely known in the legal community for achieving impressive results. Countless clients have trusted us to provide them with the best possible case outcome. We provide passionate and professional legal representation for each client while serving the following areas:

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Federal crimes carry significantly higher consequences than similar crimes prosecuted at the state level. If you have been charged, or you believe you are the subject of a federal investigation, then call our office today to schedule a confidential case evaluation. Speaking with investigators without representation may carry irreparable harm to your defense and future.


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Orange County federal crimes lawyer John Rogers is committed to providing exceptional representation all throughout California federal courts.

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