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Will Federal Agents Arrest Me at Work?

Posted by John Rogers | Mar 25, 2021

It is a life-altering event when you are indicted on federal criminal charges. Most defendants are white-collar crime offenders that do not pose a flight risk or danger to public safety. Accordingly, federal prosecutors and agents are aware of this and usually respect your professional life.

However, federal agents have a discretionary option of arresting you at work. In most instances, agents will appear at your work to seize evidence of a crime – i.e., computers, papers, mobile devices, etc. If the agents do not believe the evidence of the underlying investigation will be discovered at your place of employment, then chances are, they will not be appearing.

Federal investigators like to take the surprise approach. Moreover, alerting a suspect in advance of an arrest may jeopardize the government's investigation because it incentivizes an accused to destroy evidence.

Therefore, federal agents typically arrive at a suspect's home early in the morning with an arrest or search warrant. This allows investigators to arrest the defendant and search the defendant's home for evidence.

Additionally, when a defendant is arrested for a federal crime, they will usually make their initial appearance in federal court that afternoon. Arresting a suspect in the early morning hours allows the agents sufficient processing time so the accused can swiftly appear before a judge that afternoon.

The federal government is typically congenial about respecting the accused personal and professional life. A federal charge is merely an accusation and not a proven fact.

Additionally, once an accused is contacted by the government, a lawyer may coordinate the defendant's voluntary court appearance without the embarrassment of being arrested at your home. This alleviates the concern and fear that agents may surprise you at work or enter your home unannounced and arrest you in front of your children.

Accordingly, although it's never a guarantee, federal agents do not often arrest suspects at work. If you are the target or subject of a federal investigation, contact an experienced federal criminal defense attorney. Call us today to schedule a free case evaluation to discuss your options. 

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