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Woman Files Civil Rights Lawsuit Against the LAPD for Mistaken Identity

Posted by John Rogers | Mar 11, 2022

A California woman who spent nearly 2-weeks in jail as filed a lawsuit against the Los Angeles Police Department for mistaken identification.[1]

On April 16, 2021, Bethany K. Farber was traveling to Mexico from Los Angeles when she was detained by agents from the Transportation Security Administration. Farber was told that she cannot board the flight and escorted her to a private room.

She was subjected to interrogation. Farber further claims that LAPD officers told her they would tighten her handcuffs if she “made any scene,” according to pleadings in the lawsuit.

Agents informed Farber that she was precluded from traveling because there was a warrant for her arrest in Texas. According to the lawsuit, Farber was mixed up with another individual with the same name and Farber told them she had never been to Texas.

Farber was taken into LAPD custody and her identity and driver's license were not verified before her arrest. According to the lawsuit pleadings, the two individuals “had nothing in common besides their name.” Moreover, the one who was arrested is “a young woman with long, blonde hair” and the other one is older and has short brown hair.

Had the LAPD looked at the pictures of the two women, they would have realized the blonde Farber “should not have been arrested at all,” the lawsuit claims.

Farber further claims that the LAPD committed gross negligence because they did nothing to confirm Farber actually had an outstanding warrant. Namely, the Bethany Farber, who actually has the warrant, has an extensive criminal history and her finger prints are in the Department of Justice database. The LAPD could confirm that these individuals are not the same.

Farber spent nearly two weeks in jail. Consequently, her grandmother suffered a stroke and never recovered. She died shortly after Farber's release.

The LAPD and City of Los Angeles declined to comment.

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